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All stories and poems © S.K.Walker - no unauthorised use permitted




- 51 -


Lord of my infinite love
Burning light of my life
Lost in my personal pain
My various infirmities
I had momentarily forgotten
The natural of universal suffering
So preoccupied with this particular
Ephemeral body was I!

So grateful I am to you my Lord
For sharing with me the visions of
Paldon Gyatso - the venerable
Form of Buddha the Tibetan
Driven away from home and dispossessed.

When I saw his sparrow claw hands
His gnawed flesh his toothless mouth
With his torn tongue - the light I saw
Burning bright was you!

His smile held compassion beyond belief
And forgiveness for his captors
Who heedlessly, needlessly tortured him
For thirty three long years!

Paldon Gyatso spoke of the terrible hunger
That consumed his body daily
He existed on a bowl of soup a day.
Such desperate tales he told of his
Fellow prisoners who were driven to eat
Rats, chewed discarded bones, insects,
Bits of rope and leather anything that
Was green or moved into their vision.
In a strong voice full of resonance
He narrated the years of told
When he stayed yoked to a plough
For nine hours daily digging stony land.
He talked of the searing burning pain
When he was whipped for stumbling
With three leather knotted thongs.

Many fell and many died but his divine
Buddha nature kept him protected
Shielded him and gave him sustenance
His inner Buddha taught him patience.

Lord of love he had so much to tell
Of exterminations, executions,
Hangings and the Chinese jailors
Sent bills to the families for bullets used!
They made the waiting prisoners dance
To celebrate the impending ending
Of their lives!

Paldon Gyatso had each injustice
Etched in his heart but showed
No anger for his jailors his endless
Line of persecutors instead in a
Gentle voice he forgave them.

In such a dignified way he displayed
The torture implements, knives
Double edged and clawed he took out
Many implements of death
Electric shock sticks
Various handcuffs and torture rings.

He showed the way he was hung
Upside down for hours and hours
On end and his excreta and urine
Flowed involuntarily leaving him
Humiliated leaving him shamed!
He kept the dignity of his spirit
Nor did he attach himself
To the many humiliations inflicted daily
For thirty three long years!

My compassionate love
I was a witness to his suffering
To his immense ocean of pain
Horrified I heard the words
Describing his endless hurts.

Towards the end when he talked
Of non-violence and said a prayer
For peace and his vision of a free
Tibet I recognised his spirit stronger
Than the mortal body enduring
Undestructive standing the test of time!

Lord of this frail body keeper of my life
You told me to observe and pay heed how
Paldon Gyatso wrapped each knife
Bandaging its sharpness, keeping it lovingly
Under wraps and stored them all safely
In a precious bag what was he trying to
Say to me to teach me?

They were lethal weapons and yet
They were precious to him -
Not just for evidence, testimony
To long shut away stolen years.
But a great symbol for the endurance
Of the soul and its capacity
To love all human kind and transform
The destructive into constructive.

By cherishing the ugly knives
The handcuffs and the batons
Electric shock implements he
Was changing their destructive nature
In his hands they were rendered safe
They were made harmless and had
The power to heal him and all
Those who heard his story.

I have much to thank you
My loving gentle kindness Lord
I thank you for taking me to see him
And staying with me in his hour of
Relived darkness. You helped me to see
That love changes all.

I will remember always the rare quality
Of forgiveness and freedom of great love
Of peace and universality we share
With Paldon Gyatso and others who
Grow through pain and one day
Attain their freedom their rights.




- 52 -


My love lord of my puny life
How enchanted I am
With your company!

Each morning I wake up early
In your embrace listening
To the sweet song thrush
Sing I say, sing more
She is paying homage to you
My only true love and it is
A very special day !

Later in the day more
Messengers come
They bring white lilies
Sweet winter jasmine
And bundles of honey scented
Freesias for you.
I arrange them all in tall
Vases and square squat small vases.

I dance and sing 'happy birthday to you'
My lord it is your birthday!
I sing thins birthday song
Just for you my Om, happy birthday to you!
What beautiful time of the year
You have chosen to be born?
Narcissi and daffodils dance with joy
Dandelions have sprung up like
Sprinkled nuggets of gold.

Dogs are running merrily
Children shriek, shout and run!
An old man with a bad leg
Walks with a stick the day
Has called him to come out
Everyone is celebrating and
I too in your golden company
Dance with delight and say
What a blissful day and a
More blissful night of delights
Is yet to come, yet to come!



- 53 -


Lord of love
Total wealth of my life
How fragile
I feel now-a-days!
How week
my legs feel
heavy like lead
substance less
splayed like two jellied eels!

Linking my
Thoughts with you
Warms me a little -
I feel optimistic now
Sitting in the sun
In m hammock
I close my eyes
And visualise
Feel your caring touch
Giving me back
The former strength
My legs lost!

I stand up
With a strong mind
And do a pirouette
Even a twirl and then a curl
And a full whirl -
A full circle dance.
I feel better now
Basking in the glow
Of your love
And the early spring sun
You comfort me
You caress me
You heal me and
You mend me and
Take my pain and aches
Away both body and mind
Are restored they
Sing and dance
In your praise!



- 54 -


My only love how wonderful it is
That each day is better than the one before.

My joy knows no bounds but grows daily
Like a loved and nurtured summer sunflower.

Garlanded I am with hope and happiness
And yet more and more flows into me daily.

I gaze through my window and appreciate
The beauty of the pink budded camellia
I too am ready to blossom full life blooms.
You have showered me with such lasting
Treasures, such beauty, such charm beyond
Recall beyond belief I had never dared to hope!

The magic of your presence stirs forth
Such new songs and melodies in me.
The music in my soul is a haunting music
Laced with sacred magic and enchantment
Reminiscent of a reverie or a waking dream!

It feels as if I am a phantom presence
A guest at a Bedouin hospitality feast
In a richly embroidered, rainbow hued
Bedouin tent being served rose scented tea.
I sip and watch young girls dancing, swaying,
Swinging their hips in a sinouous, sensuous dance
Of Arabian tales of Raqs Sharaki!

Flutes play enchanted music at the end of
Of a long hot, desert pink day haze now
Enveloping me as I eat pistachios and baklava.
Now I am led to an oasis of a cool shimmering
Summer green and you are beside me, my love
Bring forth gentle menthol breeze laden with
Jasmine, farngipani and sandal wood. With you
My dearest love holding me in the crook of your
Strong, tender arm I enjoy new visions in the
Blue scented night herb smoke!

Now I see a kafila of camels crossing the desert
wrapped in a sad lilting soft music note
of unending impermanence. The sadness and
fragility of life is all there and also it
is accompanied by such unrivalled beauty, wonder
and charm! The flotilla of ships in the vast desert
camel train moved on with bells tinkling low.



- 55 -


Oh my love - the compassionate one
Your Buddha nature makes me feel
Makes me see the pain ingrained in life
In a new light - a new perspective.

There is insensitivity and cruelty
Allotted to some - the one who causes
Is bereft of hope and the one
Who receives lives with it alone.

Today you have shared with me
The tears of a child
The fears of a child who was suspended
Between life and death.

You bandaged his lacerated hands and feet
Cut by razor sharp glass shards
Of zagged glacial ice and comforted him
Through his snow-blind bone weariness
Of endless tracking through high, empty,
Stormy, frozen mountain passes.

His starvation through endless nights
And even more unending days -
His many attempts at escaping
Hearing the phantom footsteps
Of his malevolent pursuers
Inevitably meant intolerable fear.

You gave him the courage, my lord
And the forbearance, my love, my hope.
His long litany of cruelty and rejection
His endeavour at escaping
His hopes to cling on to a better
Brighter, hopeful future
Were all made bearable
With your tender love.

You guided me to witness
His suffering in a new light-
There always will be the torturers
And the tortured, the persecuted.
Those who inflict pain
To break the spirit and those
Who are blessed with the faith,
The courage and the will to survive!

The duality of experiences needs to be
Understood at a deeper level
You taught me that metta and compassion
Are the key - my love, my light
You gave me new vision and insight
Showed me new ways to view life.

You bring calm and beauty
Transform all ugliness
You are the supreme truth
My love, my light, my hope
Of a new life!



- 56 -


Oh my Love - your compassionate nature
Makes me feel makes me see clearly
The pain ingrained in life and the cruelty
And insensitivity allotted to some.

The one who causes harm is bereft of hope
The one who receives it feels and carries
Unable to forgive, forget and put his burden down,
Such a lonely prison of suffering they both create!

You shared with me the tears of a child
Great anxiety and fears of an unloved child
Who was suspended between life and death -
Fearful of being denied affection.

You bandaged his lacerated hands and feet
Cut by razor sharp galacial ice shards of glass
You comforted him through his snow blindness
His gnawing hunger and bone weariness
Overcome and thwarted by trekking through
High, empty, frozen mountain peaks and passes.

I can feel and imagine his painful hunger pangs
His dehydration and starvation though long nights
And even longer days and his many attempts at
Escaping to a safe haven and finding his loved ones
And hearing the phantom footfalls the army boots
Must have meant intolerable fear of
Fathomless anguish and pain the got his heart
Pounding with distress and yet
You gave him the courage you blessed him
With endurance and forbearance - My Lord
My Love my Hope, you taught me never to
Close my heart and leave my doors to receive
The love that surrounds me day and night
You are my guiding Start Dhruba on a dark night.

Coming back to the fearless child you loved
His long litany of rejecting and many attempts
To flee from his oppressive masters
You spurred him on to cling on his hopes for
A brighter better future - they were all
Made lighter and bearable by your tender holding.

You helped me to witness his suffering
And understand it in a new illuminated light.
There always will be torturers and the
Tortured and those who inflict pain to break
The spirit and control the minds and those
Who have the faith to survive!

The duality of experiences needs to be seen
And understood, the interplay of darkness
Surrounded by light - you taught me that
That Metta and compassion are the key my Love
Light of my puny, mortal life.

You gave me revealing visions and show me
New ways to view and appreciate life
With you come charm and beauty that
Transforms all ugliness and trite
You are the Supreme Truth, My Dhamma,
My love, my eternal light and yet again
My hope of a new healed life!



- 57 -


Light of my life
I have followed the sun
In the leafy south
Sat savouring it
On spring terraces.

I have shared
The enchanted, the sublime,
The magnificent and awesome
Stories that Poussin told long ago
Of Christian history of favours
Rewarded with embellishments.

Significant gatherings
Sombrely sitting
In darkness and light
Actors in the drama
Of death and life
Of evil and good of parables
Told and told again -
You saw the vision
And the treasures
You shared Poussin with me!



- 58 -


Light of my life and true love of my life
I have followed the Sun to the leafy South
And now sit savouring it on spring terraces.

I have shared the enchanted, the magnificent
And awesome stories that Poussin told long ago.
They are about the dim past of Christian History
They tell of favours rewarded with grandiosity and embellishments.

I saw significant gatherings sombrely sitting
In murky, obscure darkness and dim light.
They were all actors in the drama of life
Many went through death defying ordeals
They are about good and evil and are parables
Told and told again they never grow old with telling
You saw the visions and savoured the treasures graciously shared Poussin with me!



-59 -


She is searching for her lost father?
On yet another journey, some may say.

I met the merry man sitting in his ivory tower
His wilyness reminding me of the 'Pink Panther'
He sat in a serpent coil in many knots.

He owned with honesty and humility
That he was not up to the task -
Of living up to my expectations of
Doing some advanced work with
My shadow and was searching for the
Archetypal to sharpen my perceptions.

Well, it was a long way to come
The best Jungian is only good enough
My lord whose love abounds and
Enriches every nook and cranny of my life.
I walked in the sun locking my thoughts
Briefly in my briefcase I reach the tube
Sit down and reflect -

You are my archetypal lover, father, brother
Cosmically united into one and encompass
All male relationships and earthly bonds
Who needs to search for a lost father and
To search for a long gone brother?
You are everyone of them.
Archetypal brother, father, lover
A perfect triumbrate.

You are the supreme Sangam my love
My true one and I am in harmony and
Sing in perfect pitch with you
You are my archetypal Lord Shiva
The supreme emperor of dance - Nat Raja
You lead all dancers including me in this
Ephemeral, ever -changing, dying and re birthing
Universe and I need look no far as I am
Eternally in your embrace held by you.



- 60 -


My darling love my perfection
My unsullied, untainted pure love.

In you my search for perfection
Has been rewarded- the unity between
You and me is complete nothing exists
Beyond you and I am unified with you.

I - your bride has dyed my bridal gown
In such immaculate colours -
They are of my body, veins and heart
My blood colouring it ruby red scarlet.

The circle of my every breath holds you
In my tight embrace and the light in my
Eyes is your eternal grace. Having known
You at long last my love who can come
Between us? My tender Lord!

Others - shadows are they all
With puppet gestures - their minds are
Preoccupied with greed and acquisition.
But you my lover are the Sun
Of the higher realms of spirit.

A bunch of daisies gathered at dawn
Dew damp, star fresh give you such joy
An infant's sweet smile and spread hands
Uplift your spirits sky high and we both
Sing and dance for being one with all
Humanity sharing their brief joys and
Intense grief, pain and suffering.



- Kanta Walker





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