Sundar Kanta Walker


Exhibitions for 2014 ..

'Heaven and Earth' - an Exhibition of Lake District Landscapes and the Himalayan Peaks,
at the Brewery Arts Centre, High Gate Kendal, Cumbria from 1st August to 8th September.



'Hope and Harmony' - an Exhibition of environmental paintings by Sundar Kanta Walker at the
Old Parsonage Art Gallery, Didsbury Manchester M20 from 4th May to 18th May.2014

Kendal Library Presents: 'INFERNAL LANDSCAPES' by Sundar Walker

Exhibition starts on 16th July - end August 2012

The paintings depict a very personal journey from Inferno
And return to vision and light.

Tel: ~Sundar at 07880822005
Kendal Library Hester Gorman 01539 713532




ISIS CAFE, LEVENSHULME, MANCHESTER      13th Dec. 2011 to 15th April 2012

For details and direction please ring Mike Lyons on: 07584086316. The exhibition contains some additional paintings made in the last six months.



KALASANGHAM, BRADFORD       13th May to end of July 2011

"This is both a personal and individual story with dimensions that apply to all. Nothing stays the same, changes take place whether one wants them or not. Joyous periods when colours glow and pulsate come and then subside. The emotional pain of being left without sight sears the spirit and the colours. How does the psyche express this experience and transcend it? This is what the journey is about and this is what the dance is all about. This is a personally felt tale speaking from the heart!"

For more info. please see


Infernal Landscapes - Now and Then at Kala Sangam
(BY ASIAN LITE NEWS - May 11 edition 2011)

Kala Sangam, Bradford is delighted to present a new collection of paintings by Sundar Kanta Walker. The exhibition runs from 13th May to August 2011 at Kala Sangam's building in Bradford from 7pm.

Sundar's distinct style fuses the concepts and methods of western artistic practice with the sun drenched colours and traditional symbolism
of South Asian art. This exhibition is a new landmark in Sundar's painting career as it shows 20 paintings after her sight was affected through a little known Rheumatoid Arthritis condition called GCA.

Previously described by The Guardian as a creator of 'enchanting and self sufficient worlds' Sundar Kanta Walker's work has been called a rare example of successful cultural cross fertilization. Sundar was born in India, spent her teens in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire with a Scottish family and later married their son. Britain has been her home since the 1960's.
Sundar spent most of her working life in and around Manchester and showed her work under the name 'Kanta Walker'. She has lived in Cumbria for the last decade, and the influences of the local landscape and can be seen in her work.

"Over the past decade my work has matured and has encompassed my cultural synthesis and world views as experienced through travel and living in many cultural traditions and landscapes, from Scottish, Lancashire, and Cumbrian environments to Syria in the Middle East and Southern Europe and North American cultures."

Her recent residency at the Hasta Gallery Mangalore and Hyderbad when she also exhibited her work was positively written up in the Indian Press and was commented positively by the art critics. She sold most of her work and had another exhibition in Bangalore in January 2011 in her absence. This time there was an increased demand of her originals that were likened to Matisse and Van Gough.

In the past she has exhibited work throughout the UK, and has toured her work internationally including to venues in Lahore, Pakistan and East Germany. Her work is housed in prestigious collections at Manchester Art Gallery, at Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan, Hyderabad in India as well as at several venues throughout Germany, Holland, South Italy, Spain and Cumbria.

With the support of the Arts Council England North West, Sundar has produced an impressive body of work. She takes a unique approach to seemingly mundane landscapes and creates magical pieces of work. Her portraits of musicians, children and the people around her are simple yet endearing.

'Infernal Landscapes - Now and Then' her current exhibition is later is to be shown in venues in Cumbria.. She is also holding workshops and readings from her newly published poetry book 'Shantanu' and many of the new images have also new poems set to them.

She is also participating in the International Arts Festival at the Hague and is in the process of finalising details.


Hasta Gallery Bangalore
6th Jan to mid- February 2011

Limited Edition prints on Canvas available. For prices and enquiries contact:


Lake District visits Mangalore and Hyderabad in India

It is with great pleasure that I wish to share this news with you. For the past 10 years I have lived and painted in Grange Over Sands, Cumbria and showed my art works in the nine local galleries.

My recent exhibition at Lowes Court Gallery at Egremont was a great success and glowingly written up in the local press. I paint scenes of the Lake District and my local landscapes of the Bay as scene through my individual style and vision.

I was very surprised recently to receive an invitation from the Hasta International Gallery in Hyderabad and Mangalore to bring my Lake District landscapes to the two galleries and exhibit them for a month each. Not only they invited my but also awarded me a small award to make it possible for me to do so.

I was told that a curator from the gallery had seen my paintings at Keswick Museum and Art Gallery and also at Lancaster and was determined to make it possible for me to take my art to my country of origin.

The Arts Council has also awarded me to paint the Monsoon Season during my stay at the two galleries as an art exchange between the two countries. My studies there will look at the social and economic aspects of drought and flooding as it impacts on subsistence economies.

I hope very much that the local galleries in the Lake District would be interested to show the Indian landscapes in the rainy season in coastal towns and the dry, arid landscapes of Hyderabad. The works will be ready in June 2010.

Any artists interested in artists residencies and exchanges to Karnatka are welcome to contact me at:

Sundar Walker.






Pictures from private viewing of 'The Universal and the Particular' exhibition at the Lancaster City Museum and Art Gallery



Here are some of the paintings from the exhibitions; to view more of them, please go the Gallery 2 page

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